Modern Classic…

The shirtdress is modern classic that began in the 1930’s. A workhorse garment that can easily be dressed up or down.

With trousers or without as weather permits. The perfect blend between modernity and nostalgia.


The Shirt Dress: Available in Olive or Black

Seam Pant: Available in celestial blue, beige, black, white, feather and olive

House 2401 Not So Basic Belt: Available in Nero, Palude or Tmoro.

Woven Leather Shoulder Bag: Available in Castagna,Grigio or Veleno

Shoes Courtesy of A Mano.


Linen Shirt Dress: Available in Black or Indigo

Crop Pant: Available in Azul, Light Khaki or White.

House 2401 Hole Punch Belt.

Shoes Courtesy of A Mano.