Everyday is Earth Day

Sustainability is and will always be a part of our business model – we’ve been taking action to reduce our carbon footprint since day one (about 10 years ago). We make clothes you can feel good about buying and wearing, read on to see how.

dead-stock fabrics


Overproduction of fabric is rampant in the clothing industry. When we see a beautiful, hand-made Italian fabric on its way to the landfill simply because there is too much, we swoop in for the rescue. We purchase these over-produced fabrics and turn them into beautiful pieces.

regional sourcing


To cut down on unnecessary shipping and reduce our carbon footprint, we manufacture our clothing where the raw material is sourced. For example, our Pima cotton is picked from the farm and turned into our famously soft t-shirts, all in one city!



Not only is all of our leather sourced as a by-product of the food industry, but it’s all dyed using vegetables. YES, you heard us correctly, vegetables!

upcycling goods


After a season has ended, we end up with leftover goods in miscellaneous sizes. In our small Seattle atelier, we re-purpose these goods into new, stylish accessories. A shirt may become the lining of a bag, or a leather jacket a headband. We get creative 🙂


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